In the beginning...

...of my dev journey


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In the beginning

1. My Journey begins

One of the things I did, while beginning my developer journey, was to read blogs and articles from seasoned developers who are eager to share their knowledge with others. That helped me discover nice websites that are used by developers.


2. Why blog?

Many devs have addressed this question, which provided more insight into their reasons for writing. I believe some of those reasons are learning how to write technical articles better, assist with mental retention of the information, and passing on helpful tips to others who are interested.

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3. To have or not to have your own website

I learned the value of having one's own website to display blog posts, contact methods, and examples of coding ability. When I saw some portfolios, I was impressed. I also looked at some awesome Github profile readme's and felt inspired.

4. Hashnode to the rescue!

Many of the helpful people I discovered are on Hashnode. I decided to sign up to make use of the many advantages on this site. After getting that started, I visited Namecheap and got started on my own site. Then I went to the Hashnode dashboard to display the blog on my own website. BTW, I have no affiliation with Hashnode, I'm just a fan.

Github Social Coding.png

5. My Github Profile Readme

So many people have written about the reasons for creating an incredible Github profile readme page. One of those is to display your ability as a developer in a way that nicely demonstrates your skills. Because of these nice articles, I now have a good start on my Github profile readme and personal website.


I intend to continue with these ideas to build a respectable web presence that demonstrates my knowledge, skills, and abilities. Mind you, I'm just beginning. I hope many of you will have a look at my pages and let me know what you think. I know there is plenty of room for improvement.


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